Art, Atmosphere and the Attersee

Art, Atmosphere And The Attersee

One of the most famous areas in Austria is the Lake District. I do not know if you ever heard about the Attersee, but looking at the pictures you will understand why many of Austriaˋs best known artists have spent time there. Today I would like to speak about Gustav Klimt. He is one of the most important representatives of the Vienna Jugendstil. Between 1900 and 1916 he spent the summer months on the Attersee and this time has been one of the most productive of his life. On the shores of Attersee where his landscape paintings are the only genre aside from his figure painting that interested him. The locals called him Forrest demon. As Klimt’s Attersee paintings are of sufficient number to merit a separate appreciation. Deep space for his Attersee paintings is so efficiently flattened to a single plane that it is believed he painted them using a telescope. He is probably most famous for his pictures of women and ” The Kiss” is an outstanding masterpiece that he painted in 1906. But I am a big fan of his landscape paintings and his picture of the Litzlbergkeller is part of my story today. It is amazing to look at it and compare it with the picture I took now in 2017. Of course there are changes but you can still recognize it, more than 100 years later. In 1966 my family build a little lakeside cottage a little only 300 m from this place. I am sure you will understand why this place is so special for me. Spending the summer on the Attersee is a very special experience you never forget.


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