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Another unique investment opportunity we offer is fractional title, and it is quite an exciting product. It doubles up as both
an investment and as a luxurious holiday home. The luxury Villa is co-owned by 8 separate parties,
and each get to have allocated time in the house.

The house is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom Villa, with spectacular views. It comes with all the bells and whistles,
including all furniture, a pool and award winning interior design.

For your 6 weeks during the year, you will have the option of either renting the house out for an income, or, using it yourself for you and your family.

The monthly levies include everything from the pool and garden service, to estate levies and a full time housekeeper.
The weeks that you own will rotate each year, ensuring that in season periods are enjoyed by everyone.

While fractional title has hallmarks of being timeshare, it is in fact vastly different. You will own a part of the land and house, and that means you can sell it,
pass it down in your family, and also have a say in how the house is furnished and managed. You also have freedom to move within the 8 owners,
switching weeks with them when it is convenient for both parties to do so. None of these qualities are true for timeshare.

You can find 7 friends to share this great offer with, or, the Fractional Title House can be advertised and commenced once the other buyers have been found.

The starting price for our fractional title is from R 450 000 per share.