It’s Snowing In Austria

Happy Snow

Today is the 7th of January and it has been snowing during the night. I have to share this pictures with you
because it is not only beautiful there is a magic silence on days like this. You would probably think that
blue sky and white snow is the perfect combination and somehow you would be right. But a morning like this
when the sky is grey and is getting into a milky tone there is no difference between the ground where you
are standing on and the sky. There is a kind of silence and being out there you are just part of snow and
cold air and you feel like melting with the scenery. My heart isfull of peace and it is like a cocoon you
do not want to leave. Even the birds do sing more quietly there is only one star and it is the snow. I have
always been fascinated by this special light and the colours. Yes you areright there is only shades of colours
between a creamy white and a milky grey and little bit of light dark green. A combination that is adorable
in it’ś calmness and elegance. The bushes are bending under the weight of snow but like dancers. One day I
will create a room like a winter scenery. I am so fascinated that without any highlights a scenery is simply
perfect. But do not we know how difficult it is to create elegance. So it will be a challenge for me that is
lasting a lifetime. But today I am simply happy and grateful to being part of a day like this.