Listen To Your House!

Listen To Your House

Another beautiful morning to enjoy, I cannot believe how lucky I am. Watching the international news, the actual temperature in Austria is 7 degrees, and that is Spring! Today will be very busy as we have started taking pictures of the latest, just finished house at Eden Rock. Crystal Blue. We started furnishing about three month ago and believe it or not, every house has got it’s own personality. The concept for the house was made months ago but there comes a point when you have to quiet you own ideas and just listen to the House. It could happen that we have to change the whole concept of the interior design, that has actually happened before! Crystal Blue is a charming lady, but the same cannot be said for Mackaya Bella. That house was an absolute diva. It took me weeks to perfect the interior look and feel. Here are the very first images of Crystal Blue. Enjoy!