It’s Springtime On The Island

Springtime On The Island

I am in Croatia and we are preparing our Villas on the island Drvenik Mali for the season.
Springtime on the island is stunning and I took a picture from my favourite tree that you will hopefully enjoy.
This beautiful place is a hide away a la Robinson Crusoe.
Between us and the sea there are only Olive trees and wild Rosmarin.
The view is breathtaking and the only sound you hear, is those of seagulls and in summer the chirping of grills.
Every year we improve the place and this year we built an outdoor brai area.
The evening light at that time of the year is soft and maybe you imagine yourselves sitting there with a glas of wine.
Inside I revamped the living area and you will see that I have been working only with white and black accessories and a tiny bit of gold.
Last season I tried to decorate with colours like turquoise but finally I decided that the elegance of the stone house better complements with black and white.
I love the kitchen because we could save some of the original stone walls.
It is a very special place and I hope you will agree.