The Caisa Villa Complete


We proudly present the Caisa Villa.

This is one of the moments when pictures say more than a thousand words.

All the effort that we put into this house is forgotten and we are simply in love with it.

Every house you build has it’s own history and the Caisa Villa I liked from the moment I have seen the first design.

The downstairs bedroom wing complements the outdoor living space and also supports this area with a lot of privacy.

The undercover jacuzzi is one of my highlights. Even during the days with busy meetings, just a look at it and I relax and enjoy my private spa.

As the house is equipped with solar system we do not have to worry about electricity bill at all.

The living room is also focused on entertainment. The big TV screen and the custom made sofa guarantees cosy evenings.

The colour concept here was clear. Almost black feature walls and just a hint of gold to create this luxury feeling.

As the Master bedroom is open to the outdoor area we decided to go with a colour that complements water and the velvet materials we have chosen highlights the luxury atmosphere we were aiming.

The staircase is created to be kind of a gallery and the pictures tell the story of South Africa rural living.

The picture above the jacuzzi is my personal favourite. 320 portraits that you get never tired looking at.

The upstairs offices are simple and elegant the view from there is another highlight.

Living in this house makes my stressful life so much calmer, and makes facing each day that much better.