The Place I Love The Most!

The Place I Love The Most

If there is the one and only perfect holiday destination for me, it is Portofino. Why? I will try to describe my feelings. Right now I am sitting on my terrace. The crickets started their concert, free entrance guaranteed and the sea is sparkling. Thousands of diamonds on the blue surface and the luxury yachts are rocking gently. Ok, the scenery is perfect, but there is more. The villa of Italy’s president is on my left, of course it is an impressive building and almost a castle. Yes it does show money, but in a nice way. This is one of the mysteries here, I know there is a lot of money but I am not jealous, I am just happy to be here and grateful to see all
The food is delicious and tasty in a different way. Nowhere else does pizza become an experience. Pizza crudo e ruccola topped with chilli oil and I am in food heaven. Not to forget the glass of red wine. When you sit in the harbour of Portofino you have to think about Cinderella. You know the 7 mountains ? They are your background image. Yes, I am in love with this place as you will have realized. There is also something about the language. When I speak Italian it is sexy and exciting, I feel younger and happier. I love my German language because it is so descriptive, it is like pictures that you imagine. English is a challenge, whenever I reach one level there is already another one to aim for. My Italian is basic but nobody is expecting perfect grammar, it is fun. Maybe this is one of the secrets of the place. Zest for life is the headline. Do I have to mention shopping? Let me just send you a picture. I am going back to Eden Rock on Wednesday and I will take the spirit of Portofino with me.