The Welcoming Of Winter In KZN

The Welcoming Of Winter

June is such a beautiful time in KwaZulu Natal. This is probably my favourite time and I really am enjoying every soft sun filled day. The sunrise especially is so spectacular, a big red ball, sometimes orange, commanding the sky as it comes up over the sea. Yes, you have to get up early to enjoy it in its full glory, but I promise , it is worth it. You will never forget a sunrise like this.

It is also a very busy time for us, because this is the time of the year when we are cutting back our gardens and upgrading for the next season. I am simply loving it. In Austria we are cutting back for winter, knowing that we will not see any green or fresh blossoms for the next six months. Here we are cutting back and within the next weeks we see a happy growing plant. It is magic and I am not getting tired of watching. You will have realized, I do love gardening. Being part of the Eden Rock garden team makes me proud. It is hard work and the end of the day I am the dirtiest, I do not know why, but it the same result every single day. I look like a ” Schnitzel”, fully covered with soil and dust. But it does not matter because the bath after work is like heaven. This is a great time for aloes. It is their showing off and yes they are beautiful in winter.

I have added some pictures to show you just what I mean.