Welcome To Milan!

Welcome To Milan

This time I am writing from Milan. As you already know this is my favourite city. I know, out of all the beautiful places
in the world it seems awkward to nominate a number one. The reason for this is not that Milan is more beautiful,
it is just that I feel so good being here.
Working hard and getting quite some pressure in our daily life we are searching for a place to relax. You may laugh out loud now but shopping is the most relaxing act I know. I see all the brands and all daily problems disappear and I concentrate on designs and colours and some shoes or handbags put me straight to heaven. This time I bought the most wonderful Jimmy Choo handbag and I love it.
Shopping is something you improve your entire life. You do not follow special rules, you even forget your favourite designer.It hits you when you find the exactly right item.
We start our perfect day with a Cappuccino and a Cornetto con Marmelata.Then we walk to the Via Monte Napoleone and they are all there. The Gucci and Prada and Versace and and and. Then after a couple of hours you enjoy a Spritz Aperol and some nice lunch.
And you walk, probably about at least 10 km a day. Sometimes even more. Our record is 18 km in one day.
The second day of shoppingis the best. You are already relaxed because now you only search for lovely extras. Easy and the most relaxing part of shopping. That means that you spoil yourself with Champagne and Oysters. Life can be so great and easy and you forget about tomorrow and the fact to earn the money you spent. Life without shopping in Milan would definitely not be the same for me.