Welcome at Eden Rock

I am so happy to present you the result of my cooperation with Indecorate Berlin. As I told you previously we revamped a loft that is used as a summer holiday home. The owners, young people in their late twenties, liked the architecture of their flat, but wanted to go away from the traditional dark floors and heavy furniture they inherited. As I am more comfortable to create elegant and classic homes, the challenge was to find the balance between my style and the bohemian touch that was desired. Jule Röthig director of Indecorate developed the basic interior design and I assisted to manage all the different craftsmen. This time was really inspiring and as our clients gave us very little restriction we got very passionate. Making a concept like this we had to create a key concept.

I agreed to follow Jules idea to highlight clear lines in combination with one or two pieces to create drama. The challenge was to balance carefully. Well, I hope you do like the result. This images show the living and kitchen area.


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