Welcome at Eden Rock

Today is the last day of January and I must confess I love this period of the year.
It is like getting a new chance and all this positive energy is still flowing.
2016 has not been my easiest year and honestly I called it the year of unpleasant truth.
But to face your problems opens new possibilities and I decided that 2017 will be the year of brave decisions.
Until today I did not break this promise even though this decision can be quite challenging.
I am enjoying a wonderful time at Eden Rock and I will proudly present the first pictures of our new house, Villla Albizia.
It is a gentle single story house and I do like the flow of energy in there.
I personally like the master bedroom best. It faces the terrace and oversees the garden so that waking up with this view is an obligation to be happy.
The walls show horizontal stripes and the result is beachy but in an elegant way.
It is a warm and cosy house that seems to exclude problems.


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