Welcome To Eden Rock!

Welcome To Eden Rock

Do you love countryside?
I do.

Waking up, only listening to birds singing. Calm, warm, beautiful scenery, a world you dreamt about.
It exists.

How I found it? I was lucky and fortunate. An Austrian discovers the beauty of this continent.
Sometimes I have no words to describe how much I am in love with the KwaZulu Natal South Coast. Of course I do love Austria and must confess my favourite city is Milan.

I know paradise is different for everyone but mine is between Pennington, KZN, Austria and Italy.
If you would ask me where to live, it is definitely Pennington. But not for shopping! For this, there is no better place than Milan. Autumn in Austria and Christmas in Vienna.

But 300 days a year my favourite place is Eden Rock. My home in South Africa. It is also my working place. We are the developers of Eden Rock. 50 ha of perfect land owned by our family trust.
Yes we invested into this land and we are happy about this decision. Of course it is a risk to having an entity in a foreign country but life is also about getting different opportunities and making them real.

When I have seen this land it was love at first sight. And have you ever realized how great the light is here. And the smell, just too good. I know some people think it is humid but to me the air is like velvet. And my skin looks better here than in Austria. You must not forget our central heating Systems work for at least six month in a year. That dries your skin out and it is costly.

Here I am sleeping with open doors.

When people ask me in Europa why I am such a fan of South Africa, the first thing I am thinking of is the friendliness of South Africans, they are just such a happy people. Even if they themselves do not well, they still get on with what must be done. Businesswise, South Africa is a great place for me.

We have bought this beautiful land and we build stunning houses. Africa meets Europa seems to be a good combination. We are quality obsessed and South Africans think big. So the details are controlled by European spirit and the big picture is given by the land itself.

You should know quality is a drug. I am addicted to perfectionism and I am humbled about nature.

Taking the best from wherever you get it and do not take anything for granted.

I love Eden Rock.