Visiting The Famous Amalfi Coast


For many years I have been planning to visit the famous Amalfi coast and eventually I am here.

Very often your imagination and reality are two sides of a coin.

At first sight it is difficult to imagine that Amalfi is more than the pretty seaside resort.

The town is perfectly nestled in the ravine of the Valle dei Mulini and set alongside the sea.

The majestic beauty is irresistible but there is no lazy strolling through the narrow roads, tourists pushing and overcrowding any mystic tranquility.

So I have to find my connection to this once sleepy fishing village.

The name of Amalfi comes as a legend tells from a nymph that Hercules fell in love with.

I like this and I will experience my own version of Amalfi.

A wonderful glass of the famous Limoncello is helpful and the hotel I am staying at has been a monastery and is amazing.

There is a special silence walking in the long passages and it is easy to understand why so many people choose this place for marriage.

The chapel is lovely and the garden is spectacular.

Some of the Bougainville has been planted more than 70 years ago and you stroll underneath the flowers and enjoy the view over the beautiful coast.

This is what I have been looking for and I wish I could stay longer than only a few days.

Falling in love with Amalfi is easy and I understand the legend of Hercules a lot better now.

There is a Yucca Tree that is 200 years old and it’s majesty reminds me of South Africa.

At the entrance of Eden Rock are two big Yucca trees and I have to find out how old they are.