My Home, The Caisa Villa


Welcome at Eden Rock. I hope you remember the Caisa Villa. It has been exciting 7 months to restructure the house and give it a personality that I wanted to live in. As we are living in a secure gated estate, the garden areas are very important. Having your doors open through the day, is giving you the opportunity of real inside outside living.

I am having my first coffee on the terrace, I sit on my lawn chairs, next to the jacuzzi, and listen to the water bubbling and the birds singing. These 15 minutes is giving me the opportunity to look at all the beautiful plants of our indigenous garden. I know that there are people, thinking that indigenous plants are boring, but I could not disagree more. So many different shades of light green, and dark green and silver and silver green, I could go on and on.

Right now I am in love with silverfish plants, and the reason therefore is that I have been using some golden elements in the house. As it is my private home, I avoided bright colours, because of my stressful life . My life is stressful that I need a very clam home to come to perfect relaxation. There is still some finishings to do but before I present you the final pictures of the house, but here is a sneak peek so long. I have to be honest, this is probably the best house I ever lived in.