Spring Is In My Soul

Spring Is In My Soul

I just landed in Munich and it is quite a shock to arrive in Europa with summer feelings.The last 5 weeks weather
has been perfect and KZN is almost a tropical paradise.
Well the temperature today here is 2 degrees and that is not bad. But as spring did not start yet and winter is ending this time of the year is not the most attractive.
Honestly, it is terrible but on the other hand there is the expectation of spring and you get excited about every little leave coming up and the very first flowers. Schneeglöckchen got their name because they even grow surrounded by snow and they look like white bells.

Spring really is the time when nature is getting the wakeup call and it is amazing to watch.It is such a privilege to
travel and I am very grateful.In 3 weeks I will be back at Eden Rock because our next house is just about to be finished. Silvermoon is a star. Very elegant and I cannot wait to start furnishing.

It is funny that never get tired to buying furniture. As soon as I enter a shop with decoration, curtains or any kind of interior design I get this spring feelings.
Excitement about every single item.Spring starts on the 21st of March and I will be back in ZA.
Until than I will send you some of my favorite spring images.


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