There Is A Time And A Place For Resting!

There’s A Time (And Place) For Resting

Welcome at Eden Rock. I am happy to present the pictures of bedrooms that we have finalized in Austria. This is
giving me the opportunity to speak about bedrooms in general and how to furnish them. We all know how important
the atmosphere of our sleeping area is. This is the place to relax and it is the first place to see when you open
your eyes and start into a new day. I did some research into this and something interesting popped up. A bedroom
should be cosy but it should be a kind of neutral place to relax. That means no pictures or photos of close people
but instead pictures of places you like. That sounds awkward but the explanation is interesting. We relax better
without emotional affection. It is of course something that each person would make their own mind up about, but I
quite liked the idea. There is a lot more about bedrooms but let me finish now with bedroom chairs. A bedroom that
gives place for a chair is wonderful, but finding the right one is not easy. You will see my choices and I do hope
it brings you some inspiration.