Silvermoon And Its Beautiful Lining

Silvermoon And It’s Beautiful Lining

I do not know if you ever read the book The Big Five for Life. It is really inspiring, for both your personal life and your business.
Recently I have been reading it again and I do feel so confident about the work I am doing. To love your job is one of the greatest gifts in life. We just finished Villa Silvermoon at Eden Rock and it is a beautiful 4 bedroom house. The client is a wonderful couple who wanted an elegant weekend home where they can spend time with their family and friends. As they were not so keen about bright colours I decided to give the house a dark grey floor to settle the place. From there we worked with different shades of grey and created the elegant atmosphere they expected, with golden and silver accessories. To put some exciting elements in, I have chosen black and white striped blinds to give the rooms structure. I am very happy with the effect because it also underlines the elegant look. All our houses are complemented with beautiful and spectacular gardens. Even now the privacy is already given to Villa Silvermoon. Gardens are a quite a big effort but houses without gardens are never as relaxing as those who have. Plants and flowers create a special energy you do not want to miss.